Operation Day’s work

Operations Day´s work (OD) is an organisation and charity program. This year the program will become 53 years old. People who needs help, get help and money which is collected by the students.

Students from countries like: Norway Sweden, Germany, Finland Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and the United States leave their school for only one day to work and get money. Norway collect since 1964 almost every year much money and help the world to get better. The collect money goes this year to Nigeria.

In Nigeria is the problem the many oil in the water. It comes from the oil companies and goes into the ocean.  The water is so dirty, that fish die and can not be eaten any more by the people.  An other problem is the bad air when you live near at the companies. The environment is pollute the air and the water.

If students collect money for Nigeria, it could help to show the people other environmentally friendly alternatives ways to her oil companies. Every single person how work at this day for others can help to get Nigeria environmentally friendlier.

I think Operation Day´s work  is a very helpfull organisation and maybe my school in Germany could work one day for the organisation to, to help people.